Hewletts Mill ‘Stone Broke’ cider




Hewletts Mill ‘Stone Broke’ 2018 Cider is light bright and refreshing with a lovely burst of crisp apple flavour and a very pleasing balance of sweetness, acidity and gentle tannin. Lots of warmth and sunshine in the summer of 2018 has resulted in a wonderful vintage….Try it you will love it!

Guy creates our Cider himself by blending and very slowly fermenting the juice from three carefully selected varieties of traditional local Somerset bitter sweet cider apples; Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey and Dabinett. The varieties are selected for the complexity of flavour and character they bring to the cider,  but local provenance is also an important factor creating this truly artisan cider with a subtle and modern sophistication that far removes it from everyone’s idea of old fashioned farmyard scrumpy.


Three Wonderful local Apple Varieties used to make Stone Broke Cider:-

Yarlington Mill,  as local as it can get… originating from Yarlington Mill which is about a mile further up the little river Cam above Hewletts Mill.  A wonderful bittersweet variety first found as a “gribble” growing out of a wall in the mill tail race channel by Edward Bartlett the miller in the late 19th Century and developed  commercially by Harry Masters, a Cider apple nurseryman from the adjacent village of Woolston.

Harry Masters Jersey,  another lovely local bittersweet variety raised by Harry in the village of Woolston alongside the more well known Yarlington Mill Apple.

Dabinett, a popular and highly esteemed bitter sweet variety.  All Dabinett apples originate from a seedling found in the 19th Century by William Dabinett in the nearby village of East Lambrook.

And then its all about the Slow Fermentation:-

Just like fine wine, great Cider takes time and lots of care… Stone Broke is fermented slowly.  Rather than relying on the vagaries of the weather the fermentation tanks are kept in cold storage over winter so that things happen very gradually allowing the subtlety of flavor to develop as the natural sugars turn to alcohol.  Then in the spring a secondary malolactic fermentation brings the cider to life transforming the acidity, softening the harsh tannins and developing those wonderful crisp apple notes.

The cider is blended and bottled with a very gentle carbonation in May and June.  Every vintage will be slightly different and each bottle is labelled with its vintage year.

We are pressing the 2019 apple harvest in September and October,  the apples look great…. Can’t wait to try it next year!


Hewletts Mill ‘Stone Broke’ Cider is available at £30 for a case of 12 x 50cl bottles

or it is available in a personalised wooden crate for £49.50 (See below)
Great for gifts.

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